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A Progressive Web App or PWA are web apps that look and operate like a native phone app. A PWA works on any browser and downloadable by simply tapping on the link.

A PWA behaves like a native app can be installed on the user’s homepage, and offers much of the same functionality of a native app. View the graph below to see which app is best for your business.

iOS: This feature is supported in iOS apps.
Android: This feature is supported in Android apps.
Web App (PWA): This feature is supported in Web apps (PWA).
Built-in Native Code: This feature was developed using native code for both iOS and Android, as opposed to being a web-based feature.
+ Approval: This feature has robust functionality that may aid in getting your iOS app approved.
– Approval: We recommend deactivating this feature before publishing your iOS apps. Apple can be subjective in their reviews, and this feature is sometimes causing for rejection.

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