Frequently Asked Questions

Why does MY business need a mobile app?

Mobile technology is everywhere in today’s world. Over 75% of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, these devices are their only access point to the online world. Websites are great, but many Americans report using their smartphones in lieu of computers. Desktop usage has decreased almost 10% in the last two years while mobile usage is steadily increasing. How does YOUR company reach out to this population? With a mobile app, of course! Our apps are mobile responsive, so your customers stay connected with ease.

What is the cost of our mobile app?

Mobile Apps One realizes finances are always a concern. Our apps are affordable with no strings attached. Set up and publishing for an Android app and PWA (Progressive Web App) is a one time fee of $375. Maintenance and hosting for an Android app PWA is $49/month, payable annually. For less then $1000, you are now published in the Android market as well as having a fast, reliable PWA – with NO contract and monthly updates by our staff.

For set up and publishing of iOS (Apple) and Android apps, there is a one time fee of $600, with monthly maintenance and hosting of $59, again payable annually.

*No contracts
*No additional charges

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A PWA (Progressive Web Application) is an app within your web browser, that displays as a website. It does not have to be downloaded and installed from the Apple or Android stores. PWAs use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience in a way that uses standards-based technologies and run in a secure container accessible to anyone on the web.

What are the benefits of using a PWA over a native app?

PWAs can provide similar functionality and improved user interface found in most native apps, but do it via a direct mobile experience. This innovative approach brings many changes and benefits: PWAs are fast, reliable, and engaging.

  1. PWAs load quickly and reliably, no matter what kind of network connection is being used.
  2. PWAs are easily added to your home screen so users can access your app via their home screen, just like a native app.
  3. Because they are loaded as a web page, they do not need to be installed from the Apple or Android app stores. Therefore, they do not use up storage on your device.
  4. PWAs are easily located via a web search, improving your app’s discoverability.
  5. Since PWAs do not have to be submitted and approved through Apple and Android, they can be updated almost immediately, and they are less costly than an Apple or Android publish.

What features are available for PWAs?

Most features currently available for our native apps will be available for a progressive web app. Push notifications, however, will be limited in the iOS market at this time because Apple has not yet included support for this feature.

Why would a customer want a PWA instead of an iOS or Android app?

While they deviate from the traditional Apple and Android app stores, PWAs are more user friendly, easier to launch and adopt. PWAs give you the same experience as native apps without the added cost of publishing in the Apple store.