Mobile Apps One began its journey into the app world developing apps for Homeo wner Associations. Since then, we have perfected not only the building of an HOA app, but we have come to understand the needs of a community when it comes to having an app.

The features of an app built by Mobile Apps One One will enable you to make a minimal investment in technology, while greatly enhancing your overall ability to increase communication with the community.

The benefits of having an app for your association are endless! Mobile Apps One can create an app for your association which will help you more effectively manage and market your community to current and potential residents.

The most popular and noteworthy benefits are:

  • Efficiency for board directors to communicate within the community
  • Ability to target messages for various sub groups like the BOD or sub-committees for events
  • Peace of mind with weather and emergency alerts, as well as immediate contact capabilities
  • No additional hardware or software costs
  • Provides an efficient way to survey the residents of the community
  • App provides increased communication, which helps the community feel connected through regular communication, thereby building good will and a cooperative atmosphere
  • Eases collection process for administrative staff through automatic reminders
  • Ability to collect HOA fees from residents
  • Saves money on sending newsletters, flyers and other forms of communication that often get misplaced and sometimes ignored!
  • Increases visibility to community events – get a larger turnout to meetings
  • Promotes a green environment within your community by eliminating some paper correspondence.

Our HOA apps are designed to be simple, yet comprehensive in its features. Some popular feature for an HOA app include.

  • Free push messages – Managers can send out alerts of situations, reminders of meetings and keep the community updated (without chasing everyone down with a flyer!)
  • Event/Calendar – Social events or even BOD meetings can be incorporated into our app through Google calendar. If you share the calendar with us, you can update anytime from your end, and it will update within¬† the app.
  • Integration with Facebook Linkedin, and Twitter
  • Contact info with direct dial access
  • Non – Emergency Contact information, School, Law Enforcement, Utilities, and much more at the touch of a button on the app.
  • Payment portal for monthly fees
  • And much more

Our products help you reach new clients and enhance the experience of existing residents. When you offer the convenience of a mobile app, you are making an investment in the trust and commitment that your company provides to their residents.

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